About Weeds

In recent years the popular Showtime network television show “weeds” has really exploded into a highly enjoyable and also a highly addictive television show to watch! The show followed a widowed suburban mother of two boys, Nancy Botwin who is determined as ever, to impress her peers of the idyllic community of Agrestic, a very cookie cutter type community. What’s more is that her fellow neighbors all remain completely oblivious to the fact that Nancy is a high dealing weeds dealer! Soon enough Nancy finds herself as the number one source for high quality weed. Everyone comes to Nancy for their high! 

This show never ever leaves a dull moment to be found and is just out of this world hilarious! As you first start getting into the show , you soon find yourself incredibly addicted to it! That’s the thing about “weeds”, is how addicting it really can be! With four complete seasons already under it’s belt , the series shows no signs of slowing down ever, anytime soon at least!

Ever since premiering in 2005, weeds has gone on to win numerous awards, including a Golden Globe award for Mary Louise Parker for best performance by an actress in a television series- comedy or musical and also picked up numerous other Emmy award nominations!

So what is it that makes this show so popular amongst young people especially, including high school students as well as college students especially? Perhaps it’s the fact that weed is something that we must somehow, whether directly or indirectly face at some point or another.

What’s nice about this show is that it does not necessarily portray weed itself in a very bad light. Perhaps that’s what makes it so popular, cause we can see weed from a light and very humorous light instead. The show also touches on some very deep family issues, from mother-son relationships to brother to brother relationships. And it even touches on some very basic sexual relationships as well, including a very funny episode where 13 year old Shane Botwin loses his virginity!

And then there’s also Celia, Nancy’s friend and sometimes nemesis. She’s always the one that everyone just craps on…simply hilarious! She also has an over weight daughter which she treats very badly as well. Ultimately, she’s a really dysfunctional woman that doesn’t know how to raise her child properly and watching how she goes on in life, trying to make things work is just simply hilarious!

Altogether , the show is delightfully funny, making each episode a step different than the others and you can be sure that you’ll never ever be bored with the Weeds shenanigans! Up next for the show is season five, which will debut on Showtime in just a couple of months. Weeds is by far the most popular show that the Showtime network has now and it’s been greatly thanked for this show that the network got “saved”, so to speak. Weeds is truly a cool show, and will appeal to young kids, to grown up adults and even to older, more mature individuals!

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