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Tufts MedStart is a healthcare conference combining keynote speakers and panels of industry experts with mentoring sessions and pitching workshops to help attendees turn ideas into action. This year's conference will focus on the various ways digital technologies are changing healthcare in the community and at the bedside. The event will be held on December 3rd, 2016 at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. Our goal is to help foster ideas in entrepreneurship through the following themes: technology (biotechnology, devices, wearables, medicine), healthcare policy, design and analytics, global health, and patient engagement.

Last year's list of panelists and topics can be found here.

About Us

The History of MedStart
Cultivating innovation to advance healthcare.

MedStart is a Tufts University School of Medicine and School of Public Health and Professional Degree student-run organization dedicated to the cultivation and advancement of global entrepreneurship in healthcare. We support the research, development, and business implementation of disruptive innovations and technologies that improve the quality and productivity of healthcare delivery. MedStart strives to encourage future physicians and the healthcare community at large to keep an open mind and facilitate exposure to a wide array of innovations in the field.

Past events have focused on medical education and healthcare innovation through healthcare-oriented hackathons, healthcare startup showcases, and industry expert panelists and keynote speakers. Our goal is to tackle a new challenge each year and to promote collaboration across the many sectors of the healthcare system.


The MedStart Team

Our team of current Tufts medical and graduate students:
Ally Costello
Alexa Golden
Andrew Hresko
Kate Burns

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